Nylon Hose Restraints

Nylon Hose Restraints

from 18.90

Nylon hose safety restraints slip over the hose coupling and cinch tight, providing versatile safety. In the event that a hose connection fails, the nylon hose safety restraint will hold the hose in place, preventing extremely dangerous hose whip and containing hazardous spills.  Please consult the chart for size range and pressure rating (for 3 and 4 ply products please contact us). Install with no slack.


Replace every 2 years when in outdoor or harsh environments


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Double wrap loops on hose diameters up to 1-1/4 inch to achieve maximum pressure rating listed.  On slick-cover and thermoplastic high pressure hose, wrap electrical tape or self fusing tape between the restraint loop and the hose coupling to ensure that the restraint cannot slip off the hose. 

MSHA & OSHA Requirement Statements:
MSHA 30 CFR § 56.13021.
High-pressure hose connections
Except where automatic shutoff valves are used, safety chains or other suitable locking devices shall be used at connections to machines of high-pressure hose lines of 3/4-inch inside diameter or larger, and between high-pressure hose lines of 3/4-inch inside diameter or larger, where a connection failure would create a hazard.
OSHA 29 CFR § 1926.302(b)(1)
Pneumatic power tools shall be secured to the hose or whip by some positive means to prevent the tool from becoming accidentally disconnected.
This product is not directly approved, endorsed, or certified by MSHA or OSHA, however it is designed to meet the requirements of these organizations