Whip Stop Hose Safety Restraint Systems



The Whip Stop hose safety restraint system is designed to significantly reduce the risk of injury caused by a high pressure hose failure. 

The magnitude of force caused by a high pressure hose failure incident can lead to serious injury and can be difficult and dangerous to quickly restrain.  Additionally, spills and equipment damage can cause costly cleanup and downtime.  The whip stop hose safety restraint system, also known as a whip sock, will hold the hose in check until the operator can safely eliminate the hose pressure.

Hobble clamps (shown in red) are available for a wide variety of pipe diameters and can be custom made to specifically meet your requirements.  Shackles are available with bolt and cotter pin or carabiner option for applications where hoses need to be frequently disconnected.

Double-ear loops on both sides are available for short length hose assemblies. Custom lengths can be designed to meet your exact hose requirement.

In order to ensure that the whip stop system is completely secure, make sure that the pipe, frame, or equipment that the hobble clamp is shackled to is also capable of withstanding the maximum force that your hose failure may cause.  

The application of self fusing or rubberized tape where the end of the whip stop meets the hose is recommended when the outside diameter of the hose is within acceptable range but has a looser fit.

Please contact us for assistance in selecting a Hose Whip Stop System that will work in your application  -  Replace if a major blowout event occurs

WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Click here for details on whip stop system sizes and pressure ratings

Click here for details on whip stop system sizes and pressure ratings

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Hobble Clamp Hose Restraints are now available, offering a safe and versatile solution for high pressure hose installations. Use in oilfield and offshore to restrain assemblies known as drilling mud, rotary, or kelly hose, and hydraulic fracturing hose lines, and pipe connections. Hobble clamp hose restraints are designed to be specifically suited to your application. Inquire fore details. Please include both your hose or pipe inside and outside dimensions (over any protective covering.

Shown with 4 bolt hobble clamps. 2 bolt clamps are standard in smaller diameter sizes. Clamps with

MSHA & OSHA Requirement Statements:

MSHA 30 CFR § 56.13021.
High-pressure hose connections

Except where automatic shutoff valves are used, safety chains or other suitable locking devices shall be used at connections to machines of high-pressure hose lines of 3/4-inch inside diameter or larger, and between high-pressure hose lines of 3/4-inch inside diameter or larger, where a connection failure would create a hazard.

OSHA 29 CFR § 1926.302(b)(1)

Pneumatic power tools shall be secured to the hose or whip by some positive means to prevent the tool from becoming accidentally disconnected.

This product is not directly approved, endorsed, or certified by MSHA or OSHA, however it is designed to meet the requirements of these organizations