Locking Air Hose Couplings

For a positive locking sleeve coupling system, we offer the Safety Locking Chicago type hose coupling, as well as both the Thor type or Bowes type interchange, which also offer an increased pressure rating of 300 PSI*. These styles combine the quarter turn claw style with a sleeve retractable feature of a quick disconnect coupling.

Only the Safety Locking Chicago coupling is interchangeable with other Chicago type couplings, however switching your entire system to the Bowes or Thor type has its advantages. Changing your entire system insures no outside piece of equipment or coupling is put into use, compromising the level of safety implemented. It also sends a message that your entire organization puts safety first and foremost. These two alternate coupling systems preform the same function but differ in design:

Thor couplings do not have a male and female side, they connect to one another and are offered with sleeve lock or without (one sleeve lock per set is required, but connecting two sleeve lock couplings is also possible). Bowes type couplings have a male head and a female socket, the sleeve lock is on the male nipple only. One male nipple and one female socket are required to make a connection.

Bowes style couplings are also known as Dix-Lock, N-Series, or MacDonald quick couplings.  

Thor style couplings are also known as Dual-Loc, P-Series, or Thor-PHC quick couplings.  

These two coupling types are not interchangeable with one another or with Chicago type universal couplings.  Please Contact us for volume quotations and for further details.

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Please check MSHA 30 CFR65.13021 and OSHA regulation 29CFR1915.131 to learn more about what is safety measures are required for your application.

*300 PSI rating is dependent on all components in the system including the hose and attachment method.