Thor Type Hose Coupling

Thor Type Hose Coupling

from 23.60

Thor style secure locking hose couplings connect to each other or to non-sleeve plugs.  Interchanges with Dual Lock, Thor PHC, National A Type couplings.

  • Plated Steel, Brass, or 303SS with Nitrile Seal
  • Locking clip available but not included
  • Size listed is the hose shank diameter, all coupler sizes interchange
  • Available with oversized knurled sleeve for easy operating with work-gloves (inquire)
I'll Take It

300 PSI @ 70 Degree Operating Temperature (to achieve 300 PSI rating, coupling must be properly coupled to an appropriately rated hose following clamp manufacturer's recommendations.)

-40 to + 250 Deg F Operating Range (working pressure decreases as temperature increases)

Plated with ROHS compliant trivalent chrome

Install using center punch clamp (tool required), or double bolt clamp.  Using a worm drive (screw) clamp will decrease the pressure rating and the shank retention under stress. 

WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm:

Never use Thor type couplings for steam service.