Bowes Type Non-Locking Hose Coupling

Bowes Type Non-Locking Hose Coupling

from 12.96

Bowes type non-locking couplings are designed to mate with Bowes type safety lock plugs. safety lock couplings feature a retractable sleeve and twist connection. The safety lock retaining ring threads up to the sleeve to prevent accidental disconnection.  Interchanges with Bowes 75, National B Series and MacDonald Couplings.

  • Non-locking couplings mate to safety-lock plugs

  • Size listed is the hose size (ID), all coupler sizes interchange

  • Stainless available in select sizes (inquire)

I'll Take It

500 PSI* @ 70 Degree Operating Temperature *STEEL & STAINLESS STEEL ONLY / 300 PSI BRASS*

-40 to + 250 Deg F Operating Range (working pressure decreases as temperature increases)

Steel couplings are plated with ROHS compliant trivalent chrome

Brass Coupling is not lead free (do not use for drinking water or food applications)

Conforms to Mil-C-3486 and A-A-50431A

To achieve 500 PSI operating rating, all components and hoses must be assembled to meet or exceed this rating.

Never use Bowes type quick couplings for steam service.