Ground Joint Female Hose Coupling Set

Ground Joint Female Hose Coupling Set

from 25.40

Ground Joint Hose Coupling Set Includes:

  • Hose Shank (stem)
  • Female Hammer Swivel
  • Female NPT Spud Adapter

Use with interlocking bolted hose clamps 

Do not use washer seal type components with these sets

Size is the hose diameter and the NPT spud size

Individual components available

1" and smaller sizes have plated steel hose shank and spud adapter, wing nut is plated iron. 1-1/4" to 4" have plated iron stem, spud, and wing nut

Ground joint female swivel is a special thread, spud adapter converts to NPT (male NPT spud or double spud is also available)

I'll Take It

Pressure rating will vary by size of hose, media, and attachment method. Contact us for pressure ratings

For steam service make sure the hose, coupling, and clamp are matched and approved for steam applications

Always use safety restraint systems with ground joint hose assemblies to reduce the risk of injury and mitigate spills

WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm: